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Tragically, 194 people were fatally injured at work in 2020.

Safe Work Australia has published the Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Australia 2020 report, a report that provides statistics about injury-related deaths arising from work-related activities.

While the rate of work-related fatalities has decreased 25% over the last decade, and 50% since 2007, any workplace death is unacceptable.

The report shows 68% of worker fatalities occurred in the following industries:

  • Transport, postal and warehousing (49 fatalities)
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing (46 fatalities)
  • Construction (36 fatalities)

The most common causes of worker fatalities were:

  • Vehicle collisions (41%)
  • Being hit by moving objects (13%)
  • Falls from a height (11%)

Understanding the causes of injury and the industries most affected can help reduce work-related fatalities.

Download the full report:


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