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For almost 25 years Safety Dimensions and its parent company, Learning Dimensions Network (LDN) has trained and developed leaders to do what’s required to change organisational safety behaviour, enabling compliance and ensuring due diligence. We know how important it is to create a sustainable safety culture that gives your people the right skill sets, mind-sets and tools, rather than just putting more ‘rules’ or paper trails in place.

Our approach increases engagement at all levels, be it your leaders, safety teams or employees to ensure corporate governance, reduced LTIs and WorkCover claims, and most importantly to give workers and your organisations the skills to send each person home safely every day.

With a demonstrated track record of success in delivering programs which focus on the behaviours that lead to a sustained safety culture, Safety Dimensions has worked with well over 100 safety-focused companies in Australia and around the globe.   We have worked with over 10,000 learners who leave our programs committed to making safety their personal responsibility and with the skills to embed this thinking across their workplace. Our experience spans industries such as construction, mining, aviation, rail, government, retail, banking and finance, energy, transport and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas and infrastructure.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 122052), we deliver nationally accredited and non-accredited behavioural safety training with the bench strength to cater for both large and small interventions.

Our solutions include multi-day training programs, short modules, brief coaching sessions and a myriad of blended learning (combined online and face-to-face) options to meet today’s requirements for multi-modal approaches.

We work both nationally and internationally.

Read more about our organisation and sister companies below.

Learning Dimensions Network

Learning Dimensions Network (LDN) was established in 1993 by Kevin Obermuller and Louise Quinn and quickly became a market leader in the provision of training, coaching and performance management consulting services.

In 2003, to address the growing and distinct needs of large organisations, LDN expanded into two distinct but complimentary divisions:  Safety Dimensions focuses on safety leadership and cultural change, and Leadership Dimensions focuses on management, performance and organisational wellbeing.

In 2014 LDN launched Workplace Dimensions, a division focused on accredited training for people wanting to grow their career.

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Leadership Dimensions

Leadership Dimensions specialise in the performance, productivity, wellbeing, retention and development of your people. Our program suite is aligned with the World Health Organisation’s definition of wellbeing A state in which every individual realises their own potential, can cope with the normal stressors of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to their community.”

POTENTIAL: Focuses on enhancing the current talent in your organisation to produce a greater return on investment for you through supervisory, management, leadership development and strategic programs.

DEALING WITH STRESS: Cumulative stress, or stress as a result of a critical incident at home or work, affects the ‘normal’ functioning of an individual, a team and an organisation. Stress shows up as higher absenteeism, higher workcover claims, poor performance, bullying and a negative toxic culture. What can an individual, manager and organisation do?

PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE: Your people are most productive at work when they feel valued, supported informed and importantly have the tools and skills to do more with less. This suite is designed to improve self and team management and get a higher return from your people.

CONTRIBUTION: When your staff feels aligned and loyal to your organisation’s values – they stay. Not just because they get paid, but because they feel their work and your organisation makes a difference.

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Workplace Dimensions

Workplace Dimensions is our training division offering nationally recognised training programs to the general public and small groups.

We leverage the learning methodologies, design, delivery techniques and subject matter experts from our consulting sister divisions, Safety Dimensions and Leadership Dimensions. This means we are able to take the best of what’s worked with thousands of learners over the past 25 years and deliver high impact, engaging training that supports skill development to individuals and small groups.  Our Certificate IV and Diploma programs are delivered in engaging face to face settings and programs are run in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane and other locations by request. Government or industry body funding for our programs may also be available to eligible individuals and organisations that meet specific criteria.

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