Subcontractor Management.

1 day live, interactive and online program.

In this program, you will gain the skills to ensure effective management of WHS site risks and performance by learning how to effectively select, manage and monitor the complex and challenging world of subcontractors.

Why do this program?

From a WHS compliance perspective, you have a duty of care to everyone who walks on site – and this includes your subcontractors. 

Whether you engage subcontractors or you are a subcontractor, safety is at its strongest when everyone is aligned in their expectations. This program covers the WHS obligations regarding subcontractors and is designed to step through the various stages of effective subcontractor management, including assessing, evaluating safety history, attitudes, performance and reporting.

Subcontractor Management is one of our most popular and requested programs, either in person for your workplace or available to the public via our live and interactive online format.

Program Format & Cost

This program can be delivered in person at your workplace, or as facilitator-led, real-time, interactive training environment via an internet-connected computer or device.

What will you learn in the Subcontrator Management program?

  • Understand how to meet your legal obligations under WHS legislation
  • How to incorporate safety thinking in your procurement process, enabling you to be able to:

    > Review and evaluate contractors and their subcontractors where applicable

    > Manage subcontractors

    > Monitor subcontractors

    > Understand the roles and responsibilities of key site personnel in managing contractors

  • Understand why effective contractor management is critical for ˜success’, who needs to be involved and whose responsibility it is

  • How to treat contractors fairly, so they have clarity on expectations and have a full understanding of their own legal obligations

  • How to engage subcontractors, what to do on a routine basis to maintain oversight and when to do a contract review

  • Ensure clarity of contract scope and requirements in regard to WHS throughout the procurement process to reduce the need for renegotiation

  • Provide feedback that encourages continuous improvement and strengthens and sustains relationships

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