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License Our ProgramsFor some organisations, it is hugely valuable to have their internal team deliver the implementation of the change program. Safety Dimensions is one of the very few organisations that will license our clients to roll out and deliver Safety Dimensions-designed programs.

Your organisation and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have the opportunity to tap into Safety Dimensions’ high quality programs through licensing arrangements. As a licensee, you will save hundreds of hours in design, pre-training quality assurance and assessment of the programs.

We’ve licensed organisations in the construction, retail, banking and aviation industries to run our programs internally and our design, robust accreditation process and follow-through ensures organisations with existing delivery teams can successfully implement behavioural safety programs using your internal resources.

Included in the licensing fee is a provision to have the materials contextualised to your specific organisational requirements, and to add your branding onto the materials. When the licensing agreement takes effect, you are fully supported by the Safety Dimensions team, you’ll experience first-hand our comprehensive (and clear) induction, followed by a coaching program that makes our licensing.

Safety Dimensions offer licensing arrangements for several of our programs – contact us for more info at [email protected]>>


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