Our Approach

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Safety PeopleNot every organisation starts from the same place when it comes to safety. Not every organisation has the same challenges, and not every organisation has the same aspirations. In order to shift safety performance, an organisation needs to get really clear on the behaviours and standards of all leaders – all the research suggests that sustainable improvements can only occur with management commitment and clear leadership expectations.

We support you to develop those behaviours and standards aligned with the goals you set for your Leaders, Your Safety Team and Employees, based on best practice and leveraging our 20 years of industry experience.

We Start Where You Are

Safety Dimensions works with organisations by first analysing the culture and the current level of safety maturity. We build on what has happened in the past and support your organisation to create a new future where safety is ˜just the way things are done around here’. We remain flexible and agile in our approach because we know that once we start work, your aspirations can change.

We Tailor For Your Needs

Safety Dimensions ensures every program is customised to each organisation. We start where you are, and tailor our training and development programs to you. This makes our programs incredibly relevant and applicable and the more relevant the program, the easier its implementation into the culture, resulting in a tangible, measurable behavioural change.

We build sustainable solutions

We are commited to ensuring that the benefits from the training are realised by your organisation into the future. The provision of development and embedded processes post-training is part of the value we offer, so you can continue to own and manage the actions to achieve your long term goals.

How We Work With You

1. Diagnose the gap

Safety Dimensions helps leaders pinpoint their organisation’s safety maturity and uncover the reasons why their workplaces are not injury-free and why current systems and procedures are not working. Most organisations want to move beyond paperwork, or a ˜box-ticking’ compliance exercise, towards a workplace where safety is inherent.

Our approach toward discovering and acknowledging your ˜base-line information’ provides great value to our clients right from the start. It is more than just fact-finding. This process helps to build higher order leadership practices. Our approach utilises the latest tools in a highly consultative and collaborative manner.

Our recommendations could include:

  • Survey tools
  • Interviews
  • Analysis of strategic plans
  • Skills training
  • Process improvement
  • HR or Safety team development


Where is your culture right now?

Before we start, we identify your cultural maturity so we know where to begin.


2. Build the safety mind-set and shift behaviours

When everyone in the business plays a role, the organisation’s safety mindset transforms from something ˜we have to do’ to a culture where safe thinking and behaviour is embedded into every task, every interaction, every day.

We work alongside you to create a culture of willing compliance – where people understand early warning signs and take personal responsibility for identifying lead indicators. Some organisations are trapped in thinking that the way to manage safety in the workplace is through rules and fear.

There really is a better way.

We help people to not only think differently about their roles, we provide real strategies that work in the day-to-day workplace. Our programs result in clarity, confidence and competence. These 3 Cs are at the heart of a safety culture that is aligned with all of the organisational values and reflected in the behaviours of its people.

Everyone in the organisation must know what ˜good, safe practice’ looks like in every aspect of their role and responsibilities.

That’s clarity.

All leaders need to be able to consult with team members about their actions (which can be challenging for even experienced leaders). They need to have the skills to have difficult conversations.

That’s confidence.

And everyone must be able to demonstrate a high standard of safety leadership – regardless of the position they hold in the organisation.

That’s competence.

3. Sustainability – ensure it works

We provide the right kind of training and learning to build and embed new safety behaviours. It is just as critical to make sure it works – especially down the track when the obstacles and ˜old ways of working’ can start to creep in again. That’s when you need the support to stay vigilant and know that the new behaviours and awareness are front of mind.

Safety Dimensions recognises the sustainability of your program is truly where the ˜rubber meets the road’.

That is why we have developed our ACTIONS 4 ME personal strategy and goal achievement program.

This 8 week program, run via the web, allows each participant to stay focused on relevant messages and specific actions, and receive reports that track their progress against their agreed goals and targets.

We can further enhance sustainability through these proven initiatives:

  • We maintain contact with you to ensure your program is still the right fit and is continuing to yield results
  • We help you identify and develop internal ˜champions’ who can mentor and coach high performing team members and role model expected behaviours
  • We help you determine the level of accountability expected of your leaders who will monitor and manage poor safety performance and unsafe or at-risk behaviours
  • We help you decide how to approach, and attend to, poor performance, including the use of consequence management