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WeldingThe Safety Dimensions approach looks at risk in the broadest context – tangible hazards, human behavioural risks, wellbeing, stress and fatigue, and planning for the unexpected.

This approach to helping individuals ˜think around corners’ when it comes to risk, to be able to anticipate what could go wrong, not just what will go wrong, and to consider the complexities associated with the speed of business and the pressures of competition are relevant to any workplace.

The significant focus in our risk management approach is to work more from a moral and ethical standpoint when considering we keep ourselves and others safe in the workplace.

Joint ownership and accountability is the goal when aspiring to the development of a Generative Culture and this requires a very different motivation and engagement than simply compliance.

Programs focus on the development of a ˜collective mindfulness’ – a state among all employees that creates a heightened risk awareness and willingness to speak up or to mitigate the risk to the highest level of control.

This is not unlike the goal of applying ethical and legal frameworks for public servants. Where leaders and supervisors (and now everyone under the new harmonisation laws) have legal obligations and a duty of care in terms of safety and risk management.

Case Study

Client: A Queensland Government Department

What we did:

For this large government department, we delivered over 750 programs to 2,500 learners – each with a full or part focus on risk.


  • Risk management evaluations/frameworks and risk identification, analysis, defining, planning, mapping, mitigation, monitoring and solutions
  • Risk management information technology and tools


Following the Co-Operative Research Centre (CRC) research into ˜Implementing A Construction Safety Competency Framework’, this large Queensland Government Department identified the need to focus on a behavioural safety intervention specific to their needs.

They partnered with Safety Dimensions to build a process that linked their existing high quality safety systems and procedures to the behaviours of the people who need to use them.

Given the complexity of the high-risk nature of the work, the department decided to offer the full 22146VIC Certificate IV in Safety Leadership (OHS) – Construction in order to best address all their needs. From 2008 until 2014 , we delivered the 10604NAT Certificate IV in Safety Leadership (WHS) – Construction program for this Government department across all Queensland regions to corporate and operational staff including competencies in topics such as:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Participating in Health and Safety Committees
  • Work Health and Safety Self-Assessment and Auditing
  • Incident Investigation
  • Effective Consultation and Communication
  • Observation and Inspection
  • Subcontractor Management 

NOTE: In 2022 this qualification was superseded by the 11045NAT Certificate IV in Safety Leadership which you can find more about here>>.

Safety Dimensions’ facilitators also conducted site visits to support employees in their risk assessment tasks and to support them to identify, map and mitigate risks. Our due diligence process, focusing on Systems and Paperwork, Communication and Consultation and Monitoring and Review, simplifies the complexity of their legal requirement and provides a sound process for risk management.

What The Client Said:

Safety Dimensions has provided a high quality training program to the our department since 2008. This program has supported the fundamentals of our Zero Harm strategic framework, which contributes to ensuring that the department’s WHS capability, and systems are strong technical and corporate enablers. The program has been tailored specifically for us, to ensure the content aligned to our systems and business needs. Safety Dimensions’ facilitators have provided interesting and interactive sessions, improving safety conversations and helping to shift our culture to one that is more proactive rather than reactive.
Senior Project Officer for the intervention – Workplace Health and Safety department.

The Impact:

Throughout the process, Safety Dimensions provided Trend Analysis and Competency Completion Reports. It also showed a significant increase in the submission of completed workplace tasks linked specifically to continuous improvement through the elimination or mitigation of workplace hazards and risks both at an operational and administrative level.

Our programs are designed to be practical through the integration of workplace tasks. The top 4 themes for workplace tasks selected by participants to undertake after their training programs were:

  • Work Environment and Amenities (18%)
  • Risk Management (17%)
  • Administration and Consultation (16%)
  • Occupational Health (10%)

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Find out more about 11045NAT Certificate IV in Safety Leadership here>>.

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