Dealing With Stress Programs

Stress comes in many forms, sometimes positive and useful for peak performance and sometimes counterproductive when built up over a period of time.

Stress shows up as higher absenteeism, higher workcover claims, poor performance, bullying behavior, harassment, and a negative toxic culture. Whilst most companies have preventative safety programs, they fail to provide managers with an understanding of what happens to a person when affected by a critical incident or cumulative stress at home or at work and what to do about it.

In this suite we offer three distinctly different, yet complimentary programs.


The Daily Grind – A Manager’s role in reducing stress in the workplace

Understand the different types of stress and the physical, emotional and cognitive effects on a person. Discover what successful (and non successful) coping mechanisms can be applied (for yourself and those you lead) and what to do about reactive and cumulative stress at an individual, team and organisational level so it does not negatively impact the person and therefore organisation.

Outside What’s Normal – Managing extreme stress reactions in the workplace – Managing Critical Incidents

We work with many industries with high risk environments, where fatalities and long term injuries may occur. We know if you don™t deal with the physical and emotional issues that result from incidents, your organisation can develop serious systemic cultural issues which impact individuals and the bottom line. In this program discover what individuals, managers and organisations can do after a critical incident in the workplace (or at home). Also called œEmotional First Aid, discover what physically occurs in your body after a critical incident and equip managers with the tools and understanding of what to do when a team member is affected.

It is not the role of managers to be counsellors, nor are they trained for this, however managers are required to support their team to perform effectively and guide them appropriately.

Peer Support Programs To Successfully Manage Stress

Successfully managing stress in the workplace is a three tiered approach. Organisational and managerial alignment is critical, yet establishing a successful peer support program is fundamental in managing this element of wellbeing. Learn what is involved in establishing a succuessful ˜peer support™ program to manage all types of stress in the workplace and then, should your organisation wish to implement a structured and formal peer support program – we can partner with you to provide specialist consulting and support.

Who would benefit from these programs?

  • Current supervisors, leaders and managers
  • Individuals who experiences workplace stress
  • Concerned colleagues
  • HR, Safety and Wellbeing professionals

To have conversation about  how these suite of programs can help with stress in your organisation, call us on 03 9510 0477 or email us on [email protected]