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Please complete the short questionnaire below. You will need to have viewed Video 1 – Why Is Safety Important? and Video 2 – Safety At Work – What’s My Legal Obligation? first. It is essential to complete the questionnaire before you attend, as the program is built on the assumption you have completed this pre-program task.

What happens to the answers?

The answers will be reviewed by the facilitator to ensure the program is as relevant as possible. Wesfarmers Insurance will be provided an anonymous high level program summary of all the answers.

You will need to complete the questionnaire in one browser session. You can take as long as needed, but do not close this window. If you close this browser window before pressing “Submit”, your answers will not be saved.



Please check your email if you are unsure which date you are scheduled for.

What two outcomes would you like from this program?

The following questions relate to Video 2

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