Brain-gearsNeuroscience is an evidenced based approach to understanding how the brain selects new ways of thinking and behaving. It provides clear research that shows that it is possible to shift our hardwired ways of operating and Safety Dimensions is applying this research successfully to many areas of performance within behavioural and safety leadership programs.

How does Safety Dimensions apply this to safety?
We know that working memory (conscious thought) can easily fatigue. We use easy to recall skills and tools, and provide many powerful, short bursts of new information – we have evidence that these can stick for over 15 years.

We work with each individual on their own œhard wired thoughts, actions and beliefs that may require the development of new neural pathways (or unfreezing), so that new desired ways of thinking and behaving safely become just œthe way things are done around here.

We know repeated attention can reshape the patterns within our brain – so we skill up leaders to be able to do this every day in the workplace to engage employees and to adopt new and safer ways of operating.
We give people the tools to use personal CHOICE (not fear) to drive sustainable outcomes and we give leaders and their teams skills to build new habits that have measurable safety results.


So what works?

The complexities of safety systems and the huge body of thinking and research can be overwhelming.

But here’s things we know for sure:

1. Setting operational and consistent standards does work.

2. That stating the desired safety behaviours creates the new pathway that can lead to new positive behaviours.

3. Effective (and interactive) discussions on proactive risk thinking produce better outcomes than paperwork.

4. Focusing on noticing daily work practices builds a permanent culture where people at all levels work mindfully.


The results can be seen by people at all levels in an organisation being able to:

See More – notice their own actions and those of others and any early warning signs

Say More – People speak up (reporting) and being getting involved

Solve More – People shift from the ˜safety rep’ or management owns the problem to œWhat can I / we do here today and how do we avoid this next time?

This powerful memory tool – along with our RAS, iLEAD , TEAM and CARE ways of thinking and acting provide the solutions needed now and into the future.

We tailor programs and experiences to each organisation and work group which is critical for ensuring relevancy and engagement across all levels of leadership and their teams.
Facilitators at Safety Dimensions are some of the most highly sought after professionals, provide memorable and enjoyable learning experiences – they shift the neural pathways with a sense of ease and respect with our clients telling us œpowerful changes happen in the room and back in the workplace.


Image by Filosofias filosoficas (Creative Commons License)

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