Over the past few years, many organisations operating in highly complex and regulated environments (agriculture, construction and forestry) have identified that areas of non-compliance are directly related to the complexity of the legislation, regulations and codes that workers are required to follow.

Factors include the sheer volume and difficulty of the requirements to understand and apply, diverse workforces that may have low language, literacy and numeracy skills, and the nature of these industries where people are often working remotely and unsupervised.

When you have some or all of these factors, you can get non-compliance.

12 months ago, a state government regulator asked LDN to provide a solution to their challenge of high rates of environmental non-compliance within their industry. The regulator understood that issuing fines wasn’t making an impact on workers understanding the requirements and complying, so they approached LDN to investigate the root cause of non-compliance and to provide a solution.

After extensive industry, government, and educational consultation, LDN’s solution was to create a ˜just-in-time’ training tool. This tool synthesised all their complex industry environmental regulations and codes into simple language that workers could understand and then apply, for all tasks they were undertaking, even in remote locations.

This tool was launched and piloted in one Australian state, then based on feedback and its success, LDN was asked to create similar tools for every state and territory in Australia.

This resulted in over 3000+ pages of industry regulations and legislation being synthesised and categorised based on every specific task a worker would undertake during their day-to-day job. This tool now makes it easy for workers to understand, apply and comply with their required state-specific environmental regulations.

If you find you have similar non-compliance and are regulated by highly complex rules and laws, we can demonstrate how your industry can benefit from a similar tool.


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